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Steen Macek is proud to offer a diverse product offering to meet your needs. We have an enormous selection of folio, digital, and cut size paper.

Looking for an Eco-friendly option? We stock a large variety of recycled, FSC® and SFI® certified products. For your convenience, we have marked each item in the price book .

*Caliper information is approximate and not guaranteed unless specified*

Coated Paper

Updated 04/10/20

Coated paper is available in a variety of finishes – glossy, matte, dull, or a silk finish. We have just what you are looking for. Coated paper is not limited to just white paper. Think outside the box and consider using a metallic or fluorescent sheet for your next project. Coated sheets are available in text and cover weights, and digitally certified papers.

Text & Text Cover

Updated 03/30/20

Click here to download A Thru Mohawk Options

Click here to download Mohawk Superfine Thru Z

Index, Vellum Tag, and Board Products

Updated 03/25/19

We have cardstock to meet your everyday needs in a variety of weights and colors. These products are great options for folders, hang tags, menus, signs and so much more!

Carbonless Paper

Updated 03/01/19

We stock 2pt, 3pt, 4pt, 5pt, and 6pt. Straight and Reverse sequence. Snap set and Tag. For your convenience we stock single sheets of Coated Back, Coated Front, and Coated Front Back so you can create a form to fit your needs.

Do not forget padding compound. We stock our own brand of Steen Macek white padding compound and NCR padding compound. Both are available in quart and gallon size.

Envelopes & Tags

Updated 04/15/19

Need envelopes to match your letterhead? Look no further. We stock a variety of commercial style envelopes, baronial style, A-style, booklets and catalog envelopes. All are available in a variety of colors, shades of white, and a variety of finishes.

Uncoated Paper

Updated 03/25/19

Uncoated papers are available in a wide range of text and cover weights that are offset compatible or digitally certified. We stock a large selection of pastels, brights, and various shades of white. Most items available by the sheet, carton, or skid.

Cut Size & Digital Paper

Updated 03/30/20

This section includes all paper lines that are offered in cut size and standard digital sizes.  Coated and uncoated sheets are included in a stock a wide range of text and cover weights. Our offerings include white and colored bond paper, specialty synthetic papers, translucent, metallic, and board. We have the paper to fit your needs.

Check out our Kant Kopy and tab dividers too!

Click here to download A Thru Mohawk Options

Click here to download Mohawk Superfine Thru Z

Bond & Writing Paper

Updated 03/30/20

Writing paper comes in a variety of finishes smooth, laid, linen, cambric, cockle, and wove. If you are looking for an Eco-friendly option we stock a variety of cotton and recycled items too.

Don’t forget matching envelopes!

Pressure Sensitive Products

Updated 03/01/19

Laser or Inkjet labels? Vinyl or Polyester? Removable, Ultra removable, or Permanent? Scored back? You want em’, we’ve got em’ in a variety of sizes and colors, including fluorescents.

Priced per 100 sheets.

Miscellaneous Items

Updated 03/01/19

This section includes all other specialty items that we stock:

  • Chipboard
  • Engineering rolls/Wide Format
  • Padding compound
  • Hand Wrap Film
  • Corrugated shipping cartons
  • Letterhead boxes
  • Pulp Testing Paper
  • Brown Kraft Wrap
  • Toilet Tissue

*Caliper information is approximate and not guaranteed unless specified*